Nedamco Capital is a privately-held, international investment company, based in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. Its origins go back to Nedamco Corporation, a US-based global technology development- and investment company, active in 55 countries and founded by Dutch entrepreneurs. Among the products it has developed and commercialised were industrial silicones, oscillating cutting tools (originating in the healthcare industry) and a new generation of distillation processes. After the successful divestment of its operating activities in 1998, Nedamco has been actively involved as a professional investor in both the private and the public equity markets.

Nedamco is actively seeking investment opportunities with an intermediate- to longer-term investment horizon, with particular emphasis on the information technology and healthcare sectors. Its objective is to build substantial equity or equity-linked positions in companies or investment vehicles, which have the potential for significant value creation. Nedamco is a specialist in the field of secondary private equity transactions and has been a pioneer in this area in The Netherlands. It has particularly strong credentials in the “insourcing” of private equity management activities. In this area it has successfully worked with a number established, international private equity investors, such as ABN AMRO and Insight Capital.

Nedamco manages or has managed over 60 investments, with an originally committed capital in excess of EUR 1 billion on aggregate. Some of the noteworthy transactions it has been involved in are set out on the following page:

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